Our mission at Walk The Dog Bookstore is to provide the customer with the best and the most enjoyable reading experience possible. We are a small online as well as brick and mortar business that specializes in books, teaching materials, supplies, and out of print books.  We are here to serve the community, families, and individuals who enjoy reading and sharing a good book.

We promise to encourage and inspire the human mind to enjoy reading – one book at a time.

For the reader-at-heart, young and old, from all walks of life, Walk The Dog Bookstore will serve customers by providing books that inspire you to share knowledge and encourage those around you to enjoy the world of books.



Growing up there was always a constant. Not Thanksgiving, that was always changing.  Christmas? No, that morphed into something different every year. I remember one Christmas we didn’t celebrate the holiday. Vacations, birthdays – nothing was as dependable, constant, rewarding and embracing as my mother and father’s library.

We had a long hallway in our home where the living room, kitchen and bedrooms had doors leading to and from this hallway of books.  From ceiling to floor were books upon books and more books.  I read day and night, anytime I needed to have fun, an escape, and comfort. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was also learning about the world around me.

My mom was a high school teacher, Biology and Physical Science were her specialties. My dad was a pharmacist who owned Meharry Drugstore in the Tulsa historic Greenwood District known as Black Wallstreet.  I remember people calling him “Doc”. Housed inside the Drugstore was a soda fountain, assorted gift items and a post office. This environment nurtured and supported me, awesome in its scope and magnitude, but my parent’s library down that narrow hall shaped and molded me. It created the lover of books that I am today where everything is reachable in this universe... and beyond.

As a mother, I had a library in my home. I am proud to say my daughter possess one also and is a talented writer and illustrator of books. So, with that being said, Walk The Dog Bookstore was born. Why Walk The Dog? That’s a story for another day.

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