The Sheen on the Silk is an epic historical novel with a heart-stopping love story at its core, and a deep spiritual quest. It is set in the gorgeous, cosmopolitan and enlightened city of Byzantium, in the twilight years of its Empire. Surrounded by the fierce Ottomans to the East, Saladin and the infidels to the South, the barbarian European tribes to the North and the powerful Venetian Empire to the West, Byzantium’s Emperor badly needs an ally. The city has never recovered from its sack by the Venetians in 1204, and now, in 1272, it’s in acute danger. Another Crusade is being mounted, and Byzantium is in its path.

Condition: Good                                         Publisher: Ballantine Books

Format: Hardcover                                    ISBN: 978-0-345-50065-6

Author: Anne Perry                                   Publication Year: 2010

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The Sheen on the Silk